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The Top 10 savoyard products to bring back home


A slice of Beaufort

Taste the winter and summer versions and choose your favourite (or get both!).



Invite your friends round for a fun evening when you get back.


A saucisson

Plain, hazelnut or with Beaufort cheese, it’ll go perfectly with your pre-dinner drinks.


An Opinel

This made in Savoie pocket knife is perfect for cutting saucisson, and will become a trusty companion to any chef.



These little square pasta shapes will delight children (of all ages).


Red wine

Go for a bottle of Mondeuse Arbin with its beautifully intense aroma.


White wine

A fruity Chignin Bergeron, made from the golden-coloured Roussanne variety of grapes.



A Crémant de Savoie, made from native grape varieties, perfect as a pre-dinner drink or with dessert.


Blueberry jam

These little mountain berries will brighten up your morning toast.


A Savoie cake

We like it light and soft, to enjoy with breakfast or as an afternoon snack.

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