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Projet 0 : The new film by Victor Galuchot


The film starts off in Columbia. Passionate about the mountains and the sea, Victor Galuchot set off to an island in the Pacific on a mission to save sharks from poachers. That was back in March, just before Covid-19 and lockdown.


«Before the health crisis, I already had an idea that stemmed from something that I had witnessed for myself. When you’re a professional skier, you bear the brunt of global warming and the lack of snow. Ironically, we are used to going half way around the world to be able to ski. My idea was to ski several times in one day, setting out from home on my bike to get to Les Menuires and Val Thorens, before using the ski lifts. I wanted to spread it over a period of time between March and May and see what the impact would be around me. But then we were in lockdown for two months. The day lockdown ended, I climbed up to the Péclet glacier on touring skis to get some fresh air. The conditions were perfect and it did me the world of good!», explains Victor. The skier-producer put a team together, made up of friends from Les 3 Vallées.


The idea behind the film was to go back to the Péclet sector above Val Thorens. Thanks to the good relationship he has with the Ski Patrol and Slope Maintenance Service, Victor Galuchot was able to use the cabin at the Col chair lift as base camp for 3 nights. There’s a wood-burner inside, but no water or electricity. The team headed off pretty much on their own, with plenty of well-charged batteries for the cameras, and a solar panel. Arnaud and Victor started off on WhaTTfornow bikes, cycling more than six hours between Saint-Jean de Belleville and Val Thorens – loaded up with everything they needed and faced with the uphill slope, followed for barely 1⁄4 of the way by an assistance vehicle-. Pierre set out from Méribel on foot, before climbing up the mountainside on touring skis, loaded up to the hilt, and eventually meeting the others on the snow front in Val Thorens. After more than 11 hours of hard work, the team arrived at the ski patrollers’ cabin.


«I didn’t want to plan too much in advance, because when you put it in writing it becomes less spontaneous. I know the Péclet sector like the back of my hand, but we needed to adapt to the conditions, talk it over and decide what to do altogether, once we were there. There’s a very steep couloir, so we waited until the snow had thawed. Pierre and I set off together and it was really impressive. The film isn’t only about skiing, I wanted to get a message across. On the whole, we all experienced something that was far more intense than if we had travelled by car. And because getting up to the top was such a nightmare, we got so much more pleasure out of it. After two months of lockdown, the thought of getting our freedom back was almost overwhelming. Even if it was a bit like skiing on cardboard, it felt like the best skiing we had ever experienced. We savoured each moment. It gave us chance to take a step back and reflect», explains Victor.


The title, «Projet Zéro» is a combination of wanting to protect the planet (0 emissions) and as it’s the first project Victor’s taken on since Bon Appétit, the film is number zéro. It was created with the financial support of the WhaTTfornow bicycle brand and the Association Les 3 Vallées. Victor will be showing the film on his YouTube channel in December, and hopefully in cinemas in the spring, if the situation allows. This winter he is planning to not fly by plane at all: «If I was to step onto a plane, it would have to be for a very good reason. If it’s just for me to ski, I’m not helping anyone. We’re lucky enough to have an amazing winter sports playground on our doorstep, and I want to promote more sustainable means of transport such as bikes, trains… I’ll still go ski touring, doing as much of it as possible without using transport.
I’ve also got lots of other ideas for films. The deciding factor will be whether my partners are able and willing to support my projects».


The team behind the film :



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